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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 5:47 am 
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if you'd prefer to not read this i have a simple question for you: have you had to go through like 2-3/+ cable boxes from comcast b4 you get one that actually works for more than a week? are they pumping out broken little pieces of shit all over the place cuz they wanna come to your house or something ("ARE YOU SURE IT'S PLUGGED IN?") anyways, without further adieu plz dont mind me as i bitch:


ok so this time around we've got the little black secondary/tv box that acts as a supplement to our original cable box (which is SD but is a total rock in terms of stability so i'm earpy about getting rid of it) and last thursday we UPGRADED (they love that word) the SD one to the HDTV one in anticipation of the new TV coming. so we get it setup we get it working, i get to deal with the added joy that is the completely random channel placement in the HD numbers (because 1-100 make sense / you've used them for years. since there's no guide here it's not like you can pop on channel whatever then hit enter on WATCH THIS IN HD) and yeah i mean hey all things considered it went pretty smoothly. even tho yesterday when i turned on the TV in the afternoon it was saying NO SIGNAL so i figured grandpa must have hit INPUT instead of POWER b4 he turned it off, no biggie right?

i should have known better, because yesterday after using the laptop to watch syndergaard we go to set the tv up back to cable mode and instead of cable TV we get the tv's "NO SIGNAL" box ponging around the screen. i promptly check both HDMI cables on all 3 ports, and yeah, my laptop is delivering video to all 3 ports via both cables so it's the cable box that is failing to deliver any sort of signal. i power the thing off for a few mins plug it back in and same thing..... so that means it's nigh time to do a few rounds with the phone system which is designed to keep you from talking to a human being (and i fucking love it when you only say OPERATOR and it sticks you in an endless loop of automated reset your box) but hey i get them on, they pay no attention to my saying that i've tested both cables with every port and it's for sure the cable box, they ask me if it's plugged in and etc..... and yeah, the thing's dead so go get a new one.

i go and do that, get back home in time to set the new one up rather easily.... it kicks in and it works great so i start dinner. as i'm in the other room i suddenly hear silence which has me like "oh great what button did he hit now" but when i come in the room NO SIGNAL..... and as i'm like "ok well the phone system talked about a xfinity box UPGRADE and if you get black blue or white screens you gotta wait 30mins so it must be doing that" and sure enough it kicks back on in ~3-4mins. so whatever back to making dinner until another 3-4mions later i hear no sound again. "man what a fucking upgrade they gotta do this shit twice?" but ten another 1-5 minutes it kicks on and seems to work. well i think you can guess what happens 1-5 minutes later, and then 1-5 minutes after that, and 1-5 minutes after that, and 1-5 minutes after that.

so i get to go to war with MORE OF THAT FUCKING PHONE SYSTEM and get to a human being who of course asks me what color the light is and if it's flashing ("DUDE IT'S FUCKING OFF RIGHT NOW!!!! I TOLD YOU!!!!") and the thing started turning on for all of a second or two and turning off. after trying to send commands and etc they casually tell me "we have a defective unit so you're going to need to go back and swap for another one.... and this time tell them to not give you a defective one" (this is said with a 0.0% discernable sense of humor/irony/etc. i think they seriously meant that like maybe the comcast store fucks with people by giving them refurbished crappy boxes?) and uhhhh yeah the store closed in 5 mins so i couldnt make it back there, so i end up rigging the TV up with the SD cablebox and ye longe corde and put on the cub game for him while i pop out, figuring if i unplug the cable and let the box sit there without data/commands maybe it'll get used to power on and start working?

i get home a few hours later and the box is decidedly off with no signs of life. i plug in the cable for hte hell of it and let it sit overnight..... so you know this morning i notice the power light is on and steady (it's not like this remote they gave us turns it off anyways) and i'm like "NO WAY..... COULD IT BE?" and i throw on charmed on TNT and aimlessly stare at rose mcgowan for 15mins while i talk to my friend en route to work, and sure enough after 20mins i'm like "great.... this fucker gonna work all day til we say "hey it works" and then it'll turn off. instead it turned off for ~2-3mins after about 20mins of watching, and that was about 15+ mins ago and now..... lol it just went off as i started this sentence here.

SO YES TLDR IT PAINS YOU TO READ THIS I KNOW ETC (seriously why even bother with my bitchy threads when you know what they are?) but seriously WHAT THE FUCK COMCAST?!?!?! HOW CAN YOU KNOWINGLY DISTROBUTE SO MANY SHITTY FUCKING DEAD-IN-A-WEEK-IF-NOT-DOA BOXES?!!? (tv snaps back on as i hit this sentence here... only 30secs downtime!

obviously even if this box decides to work all morning into the afternoon i'm not going to keep it here cuz you know it's just going to turn off for 30sec-5mins when you least expect it / actually want it...... but i mean.... i swear to god i read about other people on here having to go through 3-4 boxes before getting a working one. is this par for the course? now that i think about it we needed 2-3 SD boxes before we got one that worked long term, so i guess i'm lucky the main cable box has worked since i got it (maybe they try on those?)

but yeah seriously.... WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THESE MONOPOLISTIC SHITLORDS?!?!!? if this wasn't my family and they had a set of nuts i swear to god we'd direcTV or something. plus there's that chick with the talking horse and i wanna bone her and i think if i get direcTV i have a shot, right?

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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 7:05 am 
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Maybe you're not tech savvy enough.

PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 9:35 am 
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Are you sure it's plugged in?

Did you reboot?

Are you really sure it's plugged in?

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