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PostPosted: Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:42 pm 
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A band of Pennsylvania high schoolers in matching flannel shirts slapped hateful posters on gay students’ lockers and drafted a “lynch list” to mark their self-concocted “Anti-Gay Day,” students said.

look, i can sort of understand why racism became so rampant in this country. we pissed off black people by enslaving them and its probably going to be another 200 years before we all get over it. plus the fact that racism is rampant all over the world, its sort of human nature to compete with other species.

but this gay stuff... i mean.. yes i know it feels weird when im next to a gay man. all i can think about is how he likes horkin down a shit covered dick.... but to actually say anything or even worse do something about it? when a dude hits on me i dont even flinch, i just say 'nah man i like the vagina'. its really not a big deal. i actually feel weird that it creeps me out so much because i know biologically or socially there is nothing bad about it.

we would have never been allowed to do this in our high school. in fact i remember us thinking a couple of dudes really were gay but we didnt hate them, it just made us laugh a bit and then we found something funnier to laugh at, like the mentally disabled kids.

and WAY worse is how this probably happened because of how prominent gay marriage has been in our politics. this is why we have separation of church and state and why you SHOULD be required by state law to serve gay people as well as anyone else equally if you own a business that utilizes state resources to operate (all businesses do). its called TOLERANCE. and it sickens me when these high school kids dont show any, especially because they were taught by adults to not have any.


touch my dick

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